Friday, December 31, 2010

I thank the 5th graders

This year marks my third year of teaching. Crazy how time flies. I really enjoy my students and it is always interesting to see what they get me for Christmas. I always forget about the gifts until the week before Christmas, and then can't wait to see what I get.

This year they were SO kind to me. I got multiple (and generous) gift cards, TONS of candy, candles, lotion, a water bottle, a super soft blanket with matching socks and more. It is interesting to see how they react. Some students want me to open it right away and can barley contain their excitement, others could care less, throw in on my desk and head back to their seat, and some don't want me to open it until after they leave.

I really appreciate their thoughtfulness. This year I got more gifts than ever before which was really nice (don't get me wrong), but I wasn't looking forward to writing all those thank you cards. I'm not sure if 5th graders appreciate thank you cards like adults do because it's not uncommon to find a few on the floor crushed and bent when I'm cleaning up at the end of the day.

With a lot to write, I wanted it to be quick, cute, and cheap. I purchased two stamps on sale from Michael's for $5.40 and used ribbon, ink, and card stock I already had. This is how they came out.
I thought they turned out pretty nice. I made them on the smaller size so I wouldn't have to write a lot. A few sentences was enough for what I wanted to say.

And for all my teacher friends, I took a zoomed out picture of my table for you to enjoy. I've been doing lots and lots of grading.

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