Monday, January 3, 2011

I need your HELP: Reader's Survey

I first want to say a all of you who read the blog. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your readership and comments. I cherish and absolutely LOVE your comments. It helps to know that real people are reading what I write out here in the blogosphere :)

That being said, I want to make 2011 an even better year for the blog. I would love for you to share your thoughts with me. If you could comment (which I fixed, so now it should be easier for everyone to comment) with responses to these three questions I would greatly appreciate it.

...and as a thank you I will enter all of you who comment into a fun giveaway. I will randomly choose a winner using to receive one full batch of my homemade Toffee Chocolate Popcorn. If you live elsewhere, I will ship it to you. Even Germany, Elizabeth!

One more thing...please don't be bashful. Even if you are from high school and we haven't talked in years or a distant college acquaintance or my brother or mom. All are welcome so humor me people!

The Questions
1. What kind of posts to do you like and want to see more of (decor? crafts? videos? spending/saving tips? cheap recipes? inexpensive fashion? How-to's?)

2. What kinds of posts do you want less of?

3. Anything other suggestions, ideas, questions, or feedback you have for me.


  1. seriously i enjoy all of your posts! I always take away something from them so keep doing what you're doing! (and im not just saying this because i have to see you everyday walking down my hallway! lol)

  2. I like home made gift ideas and videos!

  3. Since I'm commenting twice do I go in the drawing twice? Please oh please!

  4. I would love to see more DIY projects and cheap recipe ideas (with lots of photos)! I would also love to see a guest post by our favorite lady Teresa! But I do really LOVE it all and am super excited for your 2011 posts!!!

  5. Moll....Do what's in your heart and what you enjoy doing best. I do like it when JD is involved in some way. I also like variety and love the videos. My favorite videos where, at the shore and the shopping one at the three major chains, looking for the best buy. Thanks for sharing your life and talents.

  6. hiiii cuz!! i looove the before and after craft ones and the food posts the best!! I love your fashion stylee so you should do posts on clothing, like work wear, nights out, and weeekends, trendy but not so expensive!! oh and i love the holiday ones, you should definitely make one for ideas for valentines day :) love youuu and your blog! xo francesca

  7. Mollie, I think you have a great selection of what you post. You have something for everyone. My favorite would be the party planning, and the before and after projects. Haylie enjoys seeing the video's and pics of you guys. She is usually sitting on my lap when I read your blog.
    Keep up the good work.
    Edan and Haylie

  8. I'd have to say less of JD jamming out in the car. That is not necessary. lol...(I'm just kidding Mollie.)
    I love all of your posts. Id read them on a daily basis if you posted that often. I would love to see more sewing posts. OHHHHH and PLEASE some V-day posts...


  9. Hey Mollski, I love your DIY projects that make even me feel crafty. Simple, inexpensive ways to jazz up your home. Maybe next year you'd like to feature my magazine Christmas tree?! ;-) I would also like to see more recipes. And when you combine them into gift ideas....even better!! Can't wait to see what you come up with next!