Monday, January 10, 2011

Same Name, New Look

Remember when I asked you about the blog name back in this post? Well, I debated whether to change the name and finally decided to stick with the original. I did however want to make some changes, so I changed the header and am very pleased with the new look.

I know very little about the technical side of setting up a blog, but I am slowly teaching myself some html code along the way. Don't be surprised if the blog is ever-changing in appearance.

On another note...
I really appreciate all of your feedback on the blog. Thanks to all of you who left comments.

It looks like you want to see more before/after projects, recipes, videos, inexpensive fashion ideas, DIY crafts, and more holiday-themed posts. I am already thinking of some Valentine posts, so stay tuned.

Now, for the toffee popcorn giveaway results. According to the winner is...ALYSSA.

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  1. boooooo....i mean congratulations alyssa!!!

  2. Love the design Mollie! P.S. Justin and I are house hunting so I vote for inexpensive decor ideas for around the house!! :)

  3. Oooh I LOVE the new look :) Really really cute!

  4. I WON!!!!!!!!

    You can give me the popcorn when I come out to see you this summer...:)

    Love your new look Mollie. Looks great!