Monday, January 31, 2011

A Lover's Holiday

also known as Valentine's Day is quickly approaching. Some have very mixed feelings about this day...
  • It's a Hallmark holiday made to guzzle money
  • who needs a special holiday to celebrate love?
  • I love it! It makes me feel so special
  • I'm single so could care less
  • it disgusts me, it just reminds me that I don't have a special someone
  • it's one day that causes me to slow down and realize how lucky I am to have ____________.
For me personally, I'm indifferent. I do appreciate something small, but don't hold my breath waiting for some big celebration. My hubby and his best friend always get together for NBA All-Star weekend and since college it has always fell on Valentine's day/weekend. Last year they went as far as making T-shirts. Check out the picture (and date below).

Back in the reader's survey, a few of you mentioned you wanted a Valentine's post. So if you're married, dating, single, or anywhere in between, I put together a post, upon your request, entitled,  All things Valentine's.

First up Decorations, some of these I spotted in a cute shop in Georgetown, others I found on the net.

Homemade Gift Ideas 
for anyone. Not just your significant other but teacher, friend, or mom. Love the idea of these cookies, a bookmark, or bath fizzes with a hidden message...

or fill an old wine bottle or mason jar with 15 (or any amount you want) little notes that display qualities or things you admire about your significant other. They could read all the notes in one sitting or only be allowed to read one per day. Then tie some pretty ribbon around the top. Guys cherish personal homemade gifts just like us gals.

Invite a few good girlfriends over or if you can, convince your man to sit down and get lost in a good chick flick. A few good ones in random order...

Titanic, The Notebook, Dirty Dancing, Sleepless in Seattle, When Harry met Sally, Sweet Home Alabama, Notting Hill, Gone with the Wind, Pretty Woman, and the list could go on forever.

Do Something Extra
I'm all about being simple here people. Valentine's day is all about showing your love or that you care for someone. For me, it's not about fancy gifts but in the little things. I'm not saying I don't enjoy a beautiful bouquet because I sure do, but here are some simple ways to show your appreciation...
  • Place some candy and a small card on the car windshield 
  • fill up the gas tank
  • get up early and make breakfast
  • If you're married like me and if you do something that annoys your spouse, make an extra effort not to do it. Ok honey, I'll put my dishes in the sink and not leave them on the coffee table :)
  • Send them an e-card at work
  • give up the remote for a night or two
So there's my mind dump of Valentine Ideas. Whether you like it, hate it, or brush off something for someone to show them you care. I always tell my students that kindness is so simple yet often forgotten.

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