Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Hunt for a Shower Curtain

is finally over.

I've been looking for months, actually over a year now, for a new shower curtain. You would think I could just find one I like and buy it. But no. I wish it was that easy. It took me so long because I couldn't decide what I wanted.

One thing I knew for sure was I wanted a fabric curtain. Did I want some color? If so, what color? But I also liked white. Is white boring? Texture? Price? Most fabric shower curtains run around $50.00. Was that too much? Should I just pay the money since I've been looking so long? Anyway, I just couldn't decide until today.

The big deciding factor was I couldn't stand to look at the UGLY shower curtain we currently had any longer. I bought it right after we got married for $6.99 at Marshals. It was green, 100% polyester and a sore to look at. It worked great for 2 years, but it was time to be replaced.

So today while shopping at Target, I found one that fit my every need.
  • Fabric curtain, 100% cotton
  • White, but not too boring
  • On clearance
Here's a close-up of the price
Our bathroom is so small that I had a very difficult time getting a good angle/picture of the new shower curtain. I did my best, but it looks much better in person.
I like that it is mostly white with just a little gray design on the bottom. If we weren't renting I would paint the walls in our bathroom a light gray. Gray is the new beige so they say.

Lesson of the day: don't rush into buying something. A year later, I finally found a new shower curtain and love it.


  1. This is too ironic. I bought this shower curtain at one point but ended up returning it beacause i couldn't paint my bathroom. Sigh. It is cute though and told my friend sarah this the other week when I saw it in her bathroom.great minds like the same shower curtain apparently!

  2. is everyone in the hunt for a new shower curtain because so am i! i agree molls, it's ok to wait. i am allowed to paint my bathroom, which i can't wait but as a renter i don't want this to be a big project or spend a lot of money. so i am currently keeping the eyes open for a new curtain so the painting is minimal and outcome is perfect! (sigh) until then i'll look at my ailing border and mismatched curtain....