Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bedroom Reveal

I've been working on our bedroom for about two weeks. I first gave you a sneak peek, then shared the battle I had over the new bedding, created a homemade pillow, and then put together wall art with fabric and frames.

Before I show you what it looks like now, let's rewind to the very beginning...
 Then came makeover number one in the summer of '09...

Now here it is January 2011...

On the window sill I put together a few books, metal letters, and a small vase with some flowers. I added some height with a picture that I made. It consists of newspaper and a few maps placed over some cardboard. I chose maps that had personal meaning to us. They are: Germany - our first trip to Europe together, Pennsylvania - where we met, and then Washington DC - where we live now.
There's the trunk I bought off craigslist. I decided to keep it the original color and placed it at the foot of the bed for some added color and storage in the room. It holds extra blankets and sheets and keeps our pillows off the floor when we go to bed.

So there you have it. It was very hard to photograph. It was so bright this morning and then a bit dark this afternoon. I tried my best to get the ideal lighting. Now for the price.

Here's what I bought:
  • Duvet cover: $67.00
  • Grayish/Blue pillow: $8.00
  • Wall Art: $12.36
  • Curtains: $29.00, free with gift card
Some things I already had and just moved into the bedroom.

Grand Total: $87.36
Not too shabby.
    That's how our room looks today. I really am pleased with the outcome. We'll see how long it stays that way before I decide to change it again. ha. I do love me a good makeover.


    1. Just a thought, move the accessories on the windowsill to the dresser instead so the view out the window isn't blocked and lower the wedding picture (it's too high).

    2. Everyone's a critic. :P

      I think your room looks great! Love your comforter!

    3. Don't do a thing. It's YOUR room. YOUR style. Looks great!!!! Love it!

    4. Don't do a thing. It's YOUR room. YOUR style. Looks great!!!! Love it!