Thursday, December 30, 2010

Spray paint makeover

I meant to share this before Christmas but I couldn't. Oh why you ask? Because I never finished the project until today. Oh well, I had the best intentions but the business of the season and perhaps some laziness got in the way. It probably didn't help that my first attempt ended in a disaster. Remember back in this post, when I explained how I encountered 2 DIY disasters. Well this was one of them and spray painting in high winds was not a good idea. Anyway, back to the current project at hand.

In early December when I was unloading our Christmas decorations from our storage bin, I cringed at the color of our nativity scene. I love displaying Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus and crew but the mixed rainbow color was not ideal. I didn't want to buy a new nativity scene and for $2.40 I fixed the problem. JD couldn't stand the fact of spray painting baby Jesus but I convinced him the chemicals would not cause any harm.

Weeks ago I painted the first coat, and then for weeks it sat on the ground waiting to be finished. Today, no wind and a temperature of 43 degrees was perfect for applying the second coat.

I let it dry and now it is all shiny and white.

I had to laugh when I was comparing the before and after photos. Can you tell who is missing?

Somehow I lost the third wiseman. It must have been during the wind storm. He never made it inside. ha. Maybe he blew away.

Next year I will display my nativity scene with pride, but now it's time to go back in the box.

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  1. I love it! Spray paint is my favorite :) Looks so great.